The perfect wedding dress – how to choose?

The answer is simple! Of course, fairy tale. Dreamy. Romantic. Contemporary. Ethereal, and at the same time consistent with contemporary trends. Fashionable. Sophisticated. Simple but effective. Despite the fact that they are very contradictory features, they perfectly describe the dream wedding dresses for each bride.

This season, designers offer us different shades of white, ecru and very bright this season bright pastel pink.

Fashionable wedding dress this season should be decorated with lace and ornaments in the form of crystals, sequins or pearls.
How to choose a wedding dress?

The wedding dress should be properly matched to the figure of the bride. Every good wedding dress is supposed to enhance the advantages, while not emphasizing what should be hidden, e.g. the belly and rollers around the waist

It should have an appropriate color selected for the skin’s complexion – there are many shades of white: cream ecru, ivory falling into a slightly gray shade, champagne with a slightly golden glow

Fabric – when choosing it, pay attention to the season – spring and summer may be airy and light fabrics – such as lace or airy chiffon, in the winter, most often choose fleshy velvets and fabrics with quilts and shimmering satins and washed taffeta.

Let’s also suggest the posture – heavy fabrics will not fit the filigree figure – they will uncomfortably limit the freedom of movement, and a large amount of tulle in the bottom of the dress can further expand at the hips.

Compliance with the nature of the wedding – if it is to be a formal wedding, the wedding dress should be long, the wedding on the beach will blend beautifully with a gauzy lace or chiffon dress, and the wedding in the palace is a perfect occasion for a Princess dress

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