Nordic Walking – what is a healthy walk with poles?

  • on 5th December 2019

Nordic Walking has become one of the most popular forms of active life. This is a simple and effective technique of walking with poles, in which we involve the whole body. A walk in the fresh is a combination of relaxation and healthy training. Everyone can do it, regardless of age and level of advancement.

What is Nordic Walking?

A kind of quick walk with specially designed poles that support the work of the whole body. A walk in the fresh air resembles cross-country skiing. Such aerobic training activates up to 90% of your body to move. Particular attention should be paid to the correct technique – it is easy to master. However, many self-taught people don’t know how to use specialized poles well to relieve joints and maximize this form of activity – waist trainers

What do you need for Nordic Walking?

You do not need large financial outlays to prepare for Nordic Walking training. The first step is to buy the right poles. You can choose from telescopic and fixed-length ones. The most important is their well-adjusted length – it can be easily calculated: height x 0.66 for recreational NW practitioners. Sticks should have special straps on which you can lean and push away from the ground. It is good to invest in comfortable and stable equipment, because Nordic Walking is typically endurance training, so a bad stick can cause overload and reduce walking comfort. It is very important not to confuse NW poles with trekking poles!
If you already have equipment, you only need good shoes, a comfortable outfit and good humor 🙂

What are the benefits of Nordic Walking? waist trainer UK

Nordic Walking is a great way to improve fitness and lose excess weight.
During one hour walk you can burn up to 400kcal!
During training, your heart rate increases, which results in better oxygenation of every cell in our body.
It’s a great form of individual and group rest. A great alternative for people who want to spend time together with friends and loved ones, while enjoying the benefits of their health.
Thanks to the involvement of the whole body, especially the upper torso, you can easily get rid of stress tensions that cause pain in the neck, shoulder blades and loins. Regular workouts can definitely improve your body’s performance by strengthening your stomach and chest.

During Nordic Walking training you relieve the most vulnerable joints. Part of the body weight is directed at the poles. Your back is in a milder position and there is no muscle tension increasing the risk of injury. The load on the knee joints and the spine with each step is about 5 kilograms less than with normal walking. If you keep the right technique of walking, you will not be injured.

Nordic Walking has become a popular, easy and safe sport for everyone. Regular workouts bring many health benefits and make us feel oxygenated, de-stressed and full of strength for an active life.

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