Large windows – pros and cons

  • on 17th September 2019

Large windows are currently a very popular trend in construction. They are the fulfillment of dreams not only of designers and architects, but also more and more often people putting up their own home. They have a number of advantages, but also several disadvantages that should be considered when deciding on their choice. In this article we will show you the pros and cons of large format windows.

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At the beginning it is worth remembering that the decision on the size of windows in the house should be made already at the stage of buying or preparing the building design. This is extremely important for the durability of the structure (both the width of the lintels and the strength of the window pillars is important) and the aesthetics – the proportions and arrangement of the windows determine the final appearance of the facade. Subsequent changes in the design can therefore negatively affect not only the appearance, but also the strength of the structure.
Advantages of large windows

Now let’s look at the advantages of large windows. And there are really a lot of them – starting from aesthetic reasons and ending with lower electricity bills.

Large glazing is aesthetic and modern

Modern architecture focuses on the aesthetics and functionality of the home, and open spaces are one of the dominant trends with which large-format windows are combined. Large windows perfectly match the simple forms typical of modern architecture and should be used in such buildings. However, nothing prevents you from adapting them to more traditional projects. This will allow you to introduce a bit of modernity to standard building blocks.

Large windows mean more light

The building with large-format windows not only looks modern, but is also maximally lit. Thanks to this, we provide ourselves with a larger dose of daylight, which (especially in autumn and winter when the days are short) has a positive effect on our mood, and allows for some savings associated with additional lighting of rooms with artificial light. Windows placed on a sunny facade also allow the use of solar energy to heat the room.
Large windows allow you to visually enlarge the space

Access to daylight is also associated with its impact on the appearance of the room. It is not new that bright interiors seem larger. And thanks to the installation of large windows, even a small living room will look light and airy. Large windows also make the room more friendly and positively affect our well-being.
We are closer to nature thanks to large-format windows – double vs triple glazing

Large terrace doors and windows give the impression of opening the house to the surroundings, especially if they cover the area from the floor to the ceiling. This solution works well in single-family houses with a garden just behind the glass – thanks to this, we feel the proximity of calming nature. And even on a rainy day, the view of your own garden, whose colors change with the seasons, is extremely calming. Such opening to the garden will allow us to further enlarge the apartment. And the right arrangement of space can make the rooms almost connected to the surroundings.

Disadvantages of large windows

In addition to the large number of advantages, large windows also have their disadvantages, which, however, can be overcome if we read them in advance. Below you will find a list of minuses that can affect the comfort of staying in rooms with large windows.

Warm, getting warmer …

Among the advantages of large windows we mentioned their light and heat transmittance, which allows for some savings related to lighting or heating the room. However, if the windows are located on the south or south-west side, heat gains from the windows can become a nuisance during the summer.

However, this is not an unsolvable problem. it is enough to install e.g. external blinds or curtains to isolate yourself from the sun, which is troublesome in summer. Installation of external roller blinds also brings additional benefits, such as increasing the sense of security by raising the anti-burglary qualities of the house, isolating residents from outside noise or guaranteeing full privacy of the household.

Cold, getting colder …

A typical window has approx. 5 times worse thermal insulation than the external wall. In addition, a thermal bridge may form at its location, increasing heat loss. So while we can save on bills for light, in winter our heating costs may theoretically increase.

Theoretically, because high-class windows and their properly carried out assembly is a guarantee of optimal thermal insulation and thermal comfort. Fears that large windows will increase our heating bills are, with available technological solutions, completely unjustified.

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