Is the corset too hard?

  • on 8th April 2020

Underwire hardness- ATTENTION! many corset brands offered on the market boast that they use thin, super soft, comfortable underwires in their corsets. The VintageGoth brand sews tens of thousands of corsets every month – t such great production can already boast for over 5 years – (in the United States alone they sell about 15,000 corsets per month). They employ several technologists in the field of corsets, and over the years there have been many more.

They tested and constantly test dozens of corset design solutions. The logical goal is to improve the new collections offered, increase the effects and suitability of their products. Of course, also the Vinatge Goth brand tested light, thin, very soft-plastic underwire a long time ago (such as brands often offered on the Polish market – brands that sew on a much smaller scale for a young recipient. Too soft thin underwires are often the biggest asset. Many tests, unfortunately, clearly show that thin, plastic underwires are comfortable immediately after putting on a new corset and work only with slim people, without excess fat and skin. What happens after lacing when the body is slightly more?

Well, here the effect can be nightmarish, the body behaves completely unruly. Trust us this issue, we work with women of all ages and sizes from 18 to 40 inches, we know the problems of any shortcomings of the figure. A young, slim person does not have to think what happens with excess body and skin after lacing, incl We also did such tests ourselves before choosing the right collection – We bought corsets with supposedly super-comfortable soft, thin underwires and tested them for a long time on a lady with corset sizes from 26-32 inches. The corset with thin, plastic underwires seems to be very soft and pleasant the moment we pick it up. We put such a corset on the table, it does not fall flat, rises and bends like a wave, everything looks seemingly favorable all the time. After putting on a super too soft (“comfortable”) corset also nicely reduces and emphasizes the waist, but it can not cope with excess body completely – it pushes the tissues above and below the waist line, there is no pressure that could tame and reduce the rest of the body volume.

The effect below and above the waist becomes opposite to the desired one. In the long run, the corset also becomes unstable and deforms. That is why we know why technologists of the largest mass corset producer in the world have never decided on thin, super plastic underwire, because on the body of an average mature woman the corset does not fulfill its role. The corset not only is supposed to emphasize the narrow waist, but is also intended to correct the remaining shortcomings of the fuller figure. To prove that we are not theorizing, we will present photos in which an EXPRESSION can be seen that if the corset is sewn on thin and too plastic underwires, it certainly does not work for larger sizes. EXPRESSION under the waist a large tire is formed, the corset does not flatten the pushed belly, it no longer reduces the body below or above the waist – the body begins to accumulate there as if to tie the waist tightly with a wider string, or squeeze the belt.

The waist is significantly reduced, and the rest above and below remain pushed out like a tire, the opposite effect to reduction. (Therefore, when looking for advice on the Internet about choosing a corset, it is worth checking where the person giving the advice works? Is he an amateur or a professional in choosing corsets? What is her practical experience with a woman’s body in various sizes (especially we are talking here about bodies over 30 40, or postmenopausal changes.) Pay attention to whether the expert bases his advice solely on his own experience with a young, slim and firm body? Pay attention if the advice comes only from a hobbyist or from a professional who works with women of different silhouettes in different ages. You should not advise on the basis of your own figure alone.


The Vintageo Goth brand and other models of corsets from other brands (which we are introducing to our offer recently) never use thin, plastic underwires, which only work on very slim bodies (corset sizes from 18 “to 22”).

For regular wear of the Corset for waist training, we recommend definitely more underbust corsets – Underbust: they are more practical and comfortable, they give a little more freedom in the upper parts of the body. They limit movement less easily, easy to combine with everyday wardrobe. Based on 5 years of experience and work with over 8,000 clients, we know that ladies wear such corsets much more willingly. It is also easier to perform daily duties.

Overbust corsets (for breasts) work best if we want to wear them as a creation in themselves, if we want to present them as clothing or with a jacket or jacket. Of course, there are clothes under which you can hide and a full corset, but you must know that not everything. If you plan regular waist training, it is fanatical to have a corset under the bust and a corset for the bust (full) as complementary. If you plan to buy only one corset, it is better to put the corset under the bust first, and the second on the full corset. Of course, you can also wear bustiers with spiral underwires from time to time.

A corset with more flat underwires can be useful when you want to stabilize your spine and straighten your posture. Check yourself in occasional wear, from time to time, for special occasions. It is worth presenting them as a leading piece of clothing. Creation in itself. Many of them also look nice on dresses or blouses. They don’t always have to be worn as a sexy top. In line with current trends, girls like to wear them under jackets or cardigans. Their design is lighter in weight, they are a bit thinner and slightly more plastic than corsets with a dominant amount of spiral underwires. You will hide the cord for sure – you will quickly learn to push it under the side panel.

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