Cleaning person or cleaning company?

Many companies face the problem of order in the office, among which small enterprises dominate, where the most optimal solution would be to hire a cleaner for a few hours a week. However, this form of employment is becoming less and less popular, among others due to the fact that people recruited by external companies gain professional and often competitive conditions of cooperation. Is it profitable to use outsourcing and specialist services in this situation?
End of tenancy cleaning

The tendencies for more frequent selection of the cleaning company are confirmed by statistics according to which in the first quarter of 2017 turnover of the sector of services related to cleaning of facilities increased to 16.2% compared to the same period of the previous year.

Reducing cleaning costs

Price lists for cleaning the office in Polish cities vary and depend on the size of the agglomeration and the type of order. Daily or cleaning services, one-time or subscription services – this is a standard range of services, the prices of which depend on the type of property and its area, as well as the consumption of consumable and hygienic materials. In any case, starting such cooperation allows for considerable savings and it is worth mentioning the most basic:

no need to pay the cleaner a monthly salary along with personnel service costs,
no costs associated with supplying the office with the necessary assortment for cleaning services, i.e. mops, cloths, detergents, etc.,
increasing the costs of conducting the client’s business and reducing the amount of tax due to the possibility of an invoice issued by the cleaning company

The price list is followed by the quality of services. Cleaning offices, warehouses, private apartments, houses or estates, as well as post-renovation or retail services in the form of spotting leather upholstery or restoring order after a company event are a range of orders that no cleaning company refuses. Trained staff and professional supply allow for the implementation of a wide range of orders that an independent person will never offer, especially employed for hours, who usually uses the range of funds purchased by the client.

From his perspective, hiring an external company means saving money, time and administrative and staffing problems related to employee turnover and the need to look for a replacement. Considering the budget, the additional expenses associated with it will certainly not be a better solution.

Compared to traditional methods, which are not very competitive and often lower the standard of services for the whole company, it perfectly justifies the choice of outsourcing and shows how many benefits result from such a decision.

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